The Advantages Of Using A Copier In The Office

A copier is equipment that is recommended for office use due to its ability to print large amounts of documents. The most modern copiers of recent years allow us to connect it as a printer at the same time as using them as copiers, which reduces the cost for Page in an office; consumables for large-scale copiers are usually cheaper than any other monochrome or inkjet printer.

It is normal for copiers to have a higher purchase price than any other printer; despite this, over time, we will realize that we have made a good investment. The only disadvantages of copiers for office use is that we will not be able to do color printing, copiers are usually not color due to the cost of consumables.

Copiers include diagrams inside the covers that show exactly how to clear a paper jam, how to open the doors, to remove the paper, which rollers you will need to move to clear the jammed sheet. Follow these instructions to avoid removing the pieces of paper or damaging the machine. They also include axed labels that indicate how to unlock an original that has jammed in the original feeder path.

Basic Tips For Using Photocopiers Set The Paper Correctly

  • Copiers have paper trays that hold stacks of paper until someone has to make a copy, and a sheet (or more) is fed into the copier.
  • Make sure that when the paper is loaded, its neatly into the tray and that none of the sheets bend or snap. There are guides that help hold the paper in place and to the selected extent and prevent the paper from moving, and it should not be all the paper to the edge of these guides and make sure these guides are snug against the paper so that it cannot move around the tray, but not so tight that the paper can stay inside the tray.
  • Basic Tips for Using Photocopiers is to use the paper tray with the total allowed, and in case you want to use other material such as acetates, a different size paper uses the manual feeder that includes most copiers. If you constantly open and close the paper tray, it will quickly become damaged.

Basic Tips For The Use Of Photocopiers And Machine Operators

  • Appoint a person as the main operator responsible for the copiers.-This a person must be properly trained in the complete knowledge and use of all the functions of the equipment, perform basic tasks of external care and cleaning, change new toner, remove toner residual, remove the jammed papers, add new paper in the cassettes and request in a timely manner the purchase of supplies: paper, toner, cylinder change and developer. It should also be the person who reports the failures that arise and/or coordinate maintenance visits with the specialist technician.
  • That the other Operators have been duly instructed in the handling and complete care of the equipment acquired, the better they know all the functions of the Photocopier, the fewer problems will be reported due to lack of knowledge of its handling.
  • That when there is new personnel, the Main operator must give the complete training to the new ones, all this so that THE COPIERS ARE NEVER OPERATING IN ANY PERSONAL TIME THAT IS NOT PROPERLY TRAINED.